The development of the times goes hand in hand with the development of technology which is increasingly advancing day by day. Technology makes it easy for us to carry out daily activities, including in online trading-based businesses, such as forex. One example is the existence of forexcopy services used in the world of forex trading. This business has become easier because there are internet facilities that can be used anytime and anywhere to access various information.

Not only information obtained from the existence of internet facilities, which can be used as business and business facilities. Many types of businesses are carried out using this facility. One example is the business of buying and selling foreign currencies or what is often called Forex (Foreign Exchange). This business is a process of selling currencies that takes place in the forex market or for the exchange market. The buying and selling process takes place five days a week and 24 hours a day. While the daily trading value is around US $ 1.5 trillion. The Forex market is the largest and most liquid market with a trading volume of up to US $ 4 trillion.


Unlike the case with stock trading, nothing dominates in the process of buying and selling foreign currencies. Everything is organized and structured. Interaction in this market occurs between individuals with brokers, brokers with banks, banks and banks. This market will never be interrupted for 24 hours, because if one seaseon, for example the season of buying and selling European currencies ends, it will be followed by buying and selling currencies in the Asian region and so on. Here's a little review of what forexcopy is and the services that provide it.
In the world of trading, especially in the world of selling foreign currencies, there is a service called forex copy. As a trader, it's good you know what is forexcopy. This facility is an innovative program provided by Instaforex. The program is what can make it easier for traders to follow a professional trader trading system. This program facilitates the transaction process because it carries out an online copying system for deals that are opened at that time.
Instaforex is a forexcopy broker that has been established since 2007, while in Indonesia itself, Instaforex was only established in 2009. This brokerage company is part of Insta Trade Corporation which provides online trading services for customers around the World. Instaforex clients both beginner and professional traders are now spread in 50 countries in Europe and Asia.
Elements of Forexcopy
The system of the forexcopy program makes it easy for those who want to trade but do not have enough time for it. In addition, this program also helps those who want to trade do not have to bother to do their own market analysis. There are two main elements contained in this forexcopy program, namely:


Forexcopy Trader
After knowing what forexcopy is, the next thing you need to know is the elements contained in it. One of them is forexcopy trader. The point is an account or party that has a high level of trading ability. This account or trader will provide a pattern or trading, so it is also called a trading provider. The patterns provided above will then be followed by the forexcopy followers, or people who are experienced, understand about trading patterns and are very familiar with forexcopy.
Being a forexcopy trader has many advantages, one of which is the commission given by the followers. In addition, if the performance as a forex copy trader continues to increase, it is possible, followers will continue to grow. The increase in the number of followers will affect the commission given. The more number of followers, the more people who use or copy traders' forexcopy patterns, the more commission they will get.
The thing you need to do if you want to become a forexcopy trader is that you must have a live account at a forexcopy broker namely Instaforex and register your account as a forexcopy trader. After your account is registered, it will be automatically listed with your trading performance by Instaforex and entered in the public register of Instaforex Forexcopy Trader. Thus, your chance to get followers is far greater and the benefits you get will be even greater.
In addition, the forexcopy broker also provides tools in the form of widgets that can show charts and reports on your trading performance. Of course, the output in the form of graphics or performance reports can be installed on your site, so you can display performance. With good performance, you have 'capital' to invite others to become your followers.
Forexcopy Followers
Literally, follower means follower. So, forexcopy follower is an account or party incorporated in the forex market and has the opportunity to copy or follow the trading system of a forexcopy trader. For those of you who feel your trading is not satisfactory or maybe you don't have much time to trade, being a follower forexcopy is one of the right choices for you.
By using this facility, you only need to find a trader who has good skills and is fit for you to follow. Of course, you must find a trader whose performance is indeed reliable, because in the future you will follow his trading. After that, all you do is sit tight because your trading account is already working alone following the trader you are following.
As with the requirements to become a forexcopy trader, what you need to do if you want to become a forexcopy follower is to have or create a live trading account at Instaforex and register your account as a follower. Then, for those of you who want to find a reliable forexcopy trader, there are two things you can do, namely:

First, ask your friend who has good trading to become a forexcopy of your trader at Instaforex forexcopy broker.
Secondly, you can look for reliable and quality forexcopy traders on Instaforex itself. Instaforex itself displays a list of names of traders who have good trading skills and setup himself as a forexcopy trader. In addition, forexcopy will also display the performance of each of these forexcopy traders, making it easier for you to choose the forexcopy trader according to what you want.

As a forexcopy follower, you are obliged to pay a commission to a forexcopy trader in return for the services you have received from forexcopy traders. Regarding payment of this commission, you do not need to worry about it. Instaforex has managed it through the system they have. So, you don't need to feel anxious if you have to pay a commission that is too large.
The facilities that you will get when you become a forexcopy follower at Instaforex forexcopy are given several copy parameters that can be configured. These parameters and configuration results can make it easier for you to get copies or duplications that are more in accordance with your wishes.
We offer free forexcopy to our clients for instructions, please follow our tutorials http://www.supardiana.com/tutorial-complete-forexcopy-instaforex/